• biltong-slicer

    Electric Biltong Slicer

    Electric Biltong Slicer

    Safety Switch

  • foundry4


  • daschund-door-stopper

    Southern Cross Dachshund Doorstop

  • dover-6plate

    Southern Cross Dover 6 Stove

    Weight: 84kg
    Dimensions: 700mm x 600mm x 430mm (w x h x d)
    Recommended fuel: wood or coal

  • masokolara-stove

    Southern Cross Masokolara Stove

    Weight: 30kg
    Dimensions: 330mm x 340mm x 410mm (w x h x d)
    Recommended fuel: wood, paper, corn cobs, cow manure, etc.

  • queen-ann-6-plate-stove

    Southern Cross Queen Ann 6 Stove

    Weight: 40kg
    Dimensions: 310mm x 400mm x 380mm (w x h x d)
    Recommended fuel: wood, coal, or anthracite

  • climax-windmill-key-and-pinion-set

    Southern Cross Spare Parts and Services

    Southern Cross industries boasts a fully equipped factory with excellent craftsmanship, a wide range of spare parts and a service department.

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  • Tractor Weights

    Tractor Weights